Nineteen points now separate Germany from the rest of the field in the A1 Grand Prix standings following a 'perfect' performance at Taupo, Niko Hulkenberg claiming pole position, two wins and two fastest laps.

Having been forced to battle his way to pole position on Saturday, Hulkenberg made it looked considerably easier come race day, getting out into the lead of the sprint race and gradually pulling out an advantage of almost four seconds over Loic Duval.

It was a similar story in the feature race, Hulkenberg's lap times never proving more than a couple of tenths quicker than the battle behind him, but nonetheless managing to keep it up consistently over the 50 laps to cross the line with a mammoth 20 second advantage over Duval again.

Their third and fourth win of the season, Hulkenberg admits the lack of the overtaking manoeuvres in the field aided his cause, not least because he fully believed the sister car of Jonny Reid would have provided a greater challenge to his domination.

"We've had an absolutely unforgettable weekend in New Zealand. I laid the foundation for our success in qualifying. There were virtually no overtaking manoeuvres in the entire field, starting from pole was an enormous help.

"I think that New Zealand with Jonny Reid at the wheel and our team had the fastest cars in the field today. If Jonny had been up the front to start today he could also have won. Nevertheless, I still had to fight for my win: Lo?c Duval from France attacked really hard at the beginning of both races, probably because his tyre pressures were better suited to the opening laps. But we were quicker over the distance."

With the season at the half way point, Germany hold a convincing lead over both France and New Zealand in the standings, a status that pleases team manager Willi Weber.

"Nico has surprised us once again with his latest performance," Weber, who also managed Hulkenberg, said. "Everything that was up for grabs this weekend he won: qualifying, the sprint race, the main race by a large margin and the battle for fastest lap, which actually gave us an extra point. We've opened up a significant lead in the championship at this half-way point. We're in a good position for the remainder of the season."



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