Great Britain come away from the sixth round of the A1 Grand Prix Championship with their first pointless performance in fifteen months, following a day hard luck and disappointment at Taupo.

Having spent most of the weekend trying to get the most out of their car, Great Britain were nonetheless confident of at least holding their sixth place starting position to score a point in the sprint race and give them a good place on the grid for the feature event.

However, although the first rolling start was aborted, there was still enough time for Alex Yoong to dive across the front of Robbie Kerr's car and damage the front-wing. With no time to change his nose, Kerr had to persevere with an ill-handling car for the remainder of the race.

Inevitably, holding onto a place in the points became exceptionally hard and Kerr fell behind James Hinchcliffe and Alan van der Merwe in the Canadian and South African entries early on.

Nonetheless, the tight Taupo circuit was proving a blessing for Kerr as he battled to keep a train of eight cars behind him, eventually crossing the line in eighth place, losing half a minute to the leaders in just 14 laps but nonetheless keeping a place inside the top ten.

With his car repaired for the feature event, Kerr made swift progress over the first few laps, getting past both Canada and South Africa to tail Netherlands in sixth place for the majority of the race. Although unable to find a way past, Kerr looked as though he would settle for the five points sixth would bring.

However, fate intervened and Kerr lost all control systems with ten laps remaining, forcing him to retire and bring an end to what has been a very disappointing weekend for the team, who have now slipped to fourth in the standings.

"Well this definitely wasn't the weekend I was hoping for," he stated. "We showed we had podium speed in the Feature race but my only hope of getting by the Dutch car was if it made a mistake. As for the Sprint race I don't know what Alex was thinking at the start! I'm looking forward to going to Australia now as I know the track and hope to make amends for this weekend's no-score."

"Well you don't get points if you don't finish," reflected A1 Team GBR Team Principal John Surtees. "It's disappointing to post the retirement as it looked like we'd found a decent set-up without compromising the tyres. Hopefully we'll get our title chase back on-track next time out!"



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