Robbie Kerr has blasted rivals for not concentrating at the start of A1 Grand Prix sprint races after seeing his hopes at Taupo hindered by contact with another driver before the race had even got underway.

Unlike the feature race that features a traditional standing start, the sprint event gets underway with a rolling getaway intended to help the field reach the first corner unscathed. However, at Taupo, Kerr collided with Alex Yoong on the grid when the Malaysian car came across the British entry and damaged its front wing.

While Kerr was disgruntled at his own collision, he pointed out that various drivers are flouting the rolling start rule by hitting racing speed and taking track position before the lights have gone green.

"I think it could have been well and truly avoided if a certain driver had been looking at the race lights instead of the other cars around him! Some of the drivers in front and behind started racing before the lights had changed at the start-finish line, it was just stupidity that led to the accident that damaged our car but I kept it in the race but unfortunately short of the points."

Indeed, while Kerr was able to stay in the race and embark on a Herculean effort to wrestle his ill-handling car home to eighth place, it was a far cry from the points he needed to keep the pressure on championship leaders Germany.

To make matters worse, Kerr was forced to retire from a comfortable sixth place with gearbox problems in the feature race, forcing Great Britain to come away from New Zealand with nothing to show for, putting them some 29 points behind Germany.

Nonetheless, Kerr was remaining optimistic despite seeing their title hopes take a significant knock, claiming they can bounce back stronger at Eastern Creek.

"It's certainly not over until it's mathematically over and we'll keep pushing right up to that point. The circumstances surrounding our failure to score in New Zealand are very disappointing but there wasn't an awful lot we could do about it.

"We have to keep our heads high and get on with the job in Australia. We raced there last season, it's a circuit I enjoy so I'm really looking forward to racing there next week."



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