Alex Khateeb will hope to make the most of 'local' support in Australia this weekend as the Team Lebanon driver prepares to take part in his second A1GP race weekend of the season.

A large Lebanese population living close to the Eastern Creek circuit is expected to turn out in force to cheer on Khateeb, who has been chosen ahead of Khalil Beschir and Basil Shaaban to take part in his second A1GP weekend in succession.

"Last year we didn't know how much support we would have at the track and we were thrilled to see so many Lebanese flags flying and fans meeting us in the paddock, so I think there will be even more this time," he said. "I hope that we can have a good weekend and that they enjoy supporting us for the A1GP races."

Khateeb will take part in only his second full race weekend. A retirement and a 17th place finish in the New Zealand races for the young A1 Team Lebanon racer has ignited his passion and his determination to improve his performance in Australia.

"I had a tough time in Taupo with so much to learn in my first racing weekend, including the rolling start, pitstops, race strategy and hard, highly competitive racing," he said. "I think it'll be a little easier now I've had the experience and I'm going to be focusing on a strong finish in both races."



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