James Hinchcliffe may have suffered his first retirement in this season's A1 Grand Prix at Eastern Creek but at least he did it in style with a spectacular exit that destroyed his car but left driver intact.

The weekend has proved a tough one for Hinchcliffe, the Canadian failing to reach the top ten in qualifying and getting a disappointing start at the beginning of the sprint race to eventually cross the line in 13th position, two spots down on where he started.

However, worse was to come on the first lap of the feature race when he was tipped into a nasty looking barrel-roll by Christian Murchison, whose attempt at slipping up the inside of a brief gap at turn four failed to pay dividends.

Despite some precautionary checks, Hinchcliffe emerged unscathed from the incident, admitting the clash was a mere 'racing accident', while the Champ Car Atlantic driver also praised the strength of the Lola chassis in the impact.

"Well I'm pleased to say the car held up really well during my crash. Lola does a great job constructing these cars and all I'm left with thankfully is a bruised knee and a bruised ego," he joked.

"I'd made a great start, I was pushing Ireland for position, they had the line into turn four so I let them go but then I guess Christian ducked in there as well and we hit. It was a racing incident, nothing more but it's really frustrating as we had a good car with the potential to pick up points."



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