Richard Lyons was refusing to hold back his opinions of Sebastien Buemi after being punted out of seventh place by the Swiss driver during the Eastern Creek feature race.

Marking another unfortunate retirement whilst running in a points paying position, Team Ireland had done a marvellous job of getting Lyons up to seventh place following the pit stops, getting ahead of France and Switzerland in the process.

However, Lyons was in the midst of a long train of drivers that stretched back to Great Britain in eleventh place and the close company eventually resulted in contact being made between Buemi and Lyons, the former making an ambitious move down the inside of turn two from some distance back, Lyons duly turning in unawares and being pushed into the dirt.

Prompting some rather choice - and uncensored - words in the post-race interview whereby Lyons questioned Buemi's tactics as a racer, the former Formula Nippon champion was just as scathing of his rival some time later.

"It's a bit difficult to get a result when someone drives into the back of your car and pushes you off the track. I am not sure what tactic that is, but maybe the guy has to take his brain out to get his helmet to fit.

"We'd had a good race up until then, again the pit stop was great and we were making up places. Malaysia (Alex Yoong) in front of me was struggling so I think I could have taken him, but Switzerland put an end to that."

Technical director Gary Anderson was being somewhat more pragmatic about the situation, conceding the accident as being a hazard of the sport, although once again he admitted the team now have to pick themselves up again from another unfulfilling weekend.

Gary Anderson, Technical Director; "Richard was having a good race and there were points to be had before the Swiss car hit us. These things happen, the main thing is we have learned more this weekend and been able to run inside the top 10. We could have scored points, we didn't, so we move on."



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