Jonny Reid was at a loss to explain why just a single lap was enough for Nico Hulkenberg to overtake him for the lead of the Eastern Creek feature race through the pit stops, the New Zealander having all his hard work at the start undone by a loss of a few tenths between entering and exiting the pit lane.

Although two second places represented a strong weekend for New Zealand, Reid had been in the lead of the feature event when he got the jump off the start line, darting down the inside of turn one and holding onto the lead into turn two.

However, Germany caught New Zealand off guard by pitting just a lap after the safety car was called back into the pit lane on lap seven, forcing Reid to do another circulation before making his stop on lap eight.

Nonetheless, despite holding a meagre but comfortable margin before Hulkenberg pitted and managing a decent turnaround in the pit lane, Reid had not done enough to get back out ahead of his Super Nova 'team-mate', much to his disbelief.

"I don't know what time Nico's pit stop was but somewhere along the line we lost some time," he conceded. "I passed the pit 60k marker board so I am sure it was not there and then governed all the way down the pit lane so it has to have happened somewhere. Maybe we just came in a lap too late, I am not sure yet."

However, while a seventh podium in the ten races he has competed this season has lifted New Zealand into second place in the standings, Reid admits changes still need to made to the car in order to get the better of his increasing nemesis.

"I just controlled it at the start as it is easy to control the race when you are in front. It was a little bit disappointing with the pit stop issue, but that is the way motorsport goes sometimes. I pushed and pushed but we had nothing left as the car was not so good in the race.

"There is another small change that we could work on to fix that for next time, but once you are out there you are battling with the race car and that is what you have got. It was difficult out there today."



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