A1 Team Switzerland ace, Neel Jani has set his sights on finishing as high as possible this coming weekend when the A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport arrives in Mexico.

Jani returns to the cockpit determined to improve the team's championship standing and following two podiums in Mexico last year, he is eager to try and repeat that result.

"I am looking forward to Mexico and I want to finish as high as possible. On top of that I have excellent memories from my last race in Durban and I am really proud to have helped my team and my country to score many good points," he noted.

"We have a good engine and a perfect set-up which is very important for the straight line speed.

"Unlike most of the other drivers, I will not suffer from jet-lag as I will come from Los Angeles where I now live. I have not seen the layout of the track yet. The only concern is that it looks a bit bumpy.

"In any case, I'll be able to build up some good information and it will be useful later in my career as I will have a Champ Car race there too in a few weeks' time."

Seatholder, Max Welti is also feeling optimistic and is keen to see the A1 Team Switzerland move up the championship rankings.

"I am pleased to go back to Mexico," he added. "The track holds plenty of good memories. We are currently fifth overall in the A1GP classification one point behind fourth and are determined to take a step up this weekend.

"Everything indicates that again the organizers have done a fantastic job for the presentation of their race and that it will be an incredibly warm atmosphere with enthusiastic fans for the drivers."

For the record, A1 Team Switzerland's rookie driver will again be Marcel Fassler.



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