A1 Grand Prix officials have clarified the rules regarding what is 'acceptable driving behaviour' over some of the low kerbs at the Shanghai International Circuit, after drivers were deemed to going beyond the spirit of the rules in practice fro this weekend's event.

A shorter, 2.9-mile layout is being used for this weekend's second A1GP visit, with drivers negotiating a new chicane after the twisty turn two and three complex. Cars then rejoin the main circuit at turn six - which forms turn eight on the longer, 3.4-mile Formula One version of the circuit.

Much paddock gossip concentrated on the new section of track between turns three and six, where many drivers decided that fast lap times would only be gained by running as far over the kerbs as possible. However, race officials decided to react during the next drivers' briefing, where stewards demonstrated, using diagrams, just what would earn a penalty in qualifying and the two races.

Drivers can now put all four wheels beyond the white track boundary line, provided at least two remain fully on the kerbing. Should the car go beyond the kerbing and onto the run-off area, stewards warned that a penalty will likely be awarded.

Two judges of fact will be placed on the corners through the weekend, and they will be supported by closed-circuit television cameras focused purely on the chicane. No cones will be placed off the track for safety reasons.

"I looked at it yesterday and there are three different ways you can approach the chicane," Team Canada's Sean McIntosh told A1GP.com before the clarification, "You will have to run over the kerbs to get a good time. You will have to attack them and maybe even be a bit ragged. It is something that, if you do right, you are going to gain loads of time and it would be easy to lose a lot if you don't."



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