Team New Zealand ace Jonny Reid believes that the third season of A1GP will be the 'toughest ever' to win.

The driver line-up for New Zealand next season has yet to be announced, but having won three races for the team in 2006/07, Reid is naturally a strong candidate.

But the 23-year-old reckons that it would be a tough challenge should he get the nod, because the expected level of competitiveness of the rest of the field will mean it will be harder than ever before for a nation to emerge as champion.

"We will be having all the same cars, tyres and probably the tracks," Reid told the championship's official website, "and now everyone understands how to make everything tick and win races - it's not like any team has any engineering advantage over any other.

"Teams are not able to claw themselves further up the ladder set-up wise [by buying-in good engineering].

"With what all the engineers have learnt and all the drivers have learnt everyone goes into season three knowing what to expect and it is going to be tough out there. It will be really close.

"Up the front there was just tenths and hundredths of seconds between cars at times, and the rear of the grid should close up too."

Reid stressed that to win the championship Team New Zealand would need a consistent string of results. 'Black Beauty' scored eight successive podiums in the middle stretch of 2006/07, however this good form was book-ended by inconsistent performances, leading to a runner-up finishing in the championship.

"Having that consistency is crucial and we need to continually get results with very little errors," he added. "Last season Germany made a few errors but we made a few more - on the track and off the track - and it didn't help our cause.

"We all made mistakes and we are working hard to make sure we have every possible chance to have everything swing our way for next season. But we are all human and it is the team that makes the least amount of errors that is going to have it pay off for them."



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