After using mechanics from Carlin Motorsport for the first two seasons, A1 Team Lebanon has elected to utilise engineering expertise from Argo Racing, headed up by former A1 Team New Zealand member Trevor Bale, for the 2007/08 season.

Lebanon is one of the founding members of A1GP, but has yet to score a point after two seasons of competition - something the nation hopes to put right this time around.

A number of key personnel in the Argo Racing team have been drawn from the 2006/07 Series winning nation, A1 Team Germany and runners-up, New Zealand and seat holder Tameem Auchi said he was hopeful it would lead to a first visit to the points.

"After two years of racing in A1GP we made a comprehensive review of all aspects of the operation and this led to the decision to move to Argo Racing," he said. "A1 Team Lebanon is still a young, inexperienced team compared to many of the other nations who have a long history of top-level international racing. We have never doubted the challenges we face and we don't have the pool of experienced racing drivers that others can draw on. However, we have the commitment and passion to represent our nation as best we can. This season we are aiming to make significant progress in the A1GP Series and achieve at least one World Cup of Motorsport point and we'll all be working hard to attain this goal.

"A1GP is an excellent platform for us to showcase the wonderful qualities of Lebanon and its people. We're proud to be representing the nation - promoting our country, our sportsmanship and entrepreneurial spirit. As the only Middle Eastern team, we also participate on behalf of all the Arabs around the world. We've been given fantastic support from our fans at every race weekend on the calendar and we're very appreciative of this. We look forward to flying the flags of the Arab nations across the globe throughout next season."

Bale added that his squad was looking forward to the season ahead and was ready to rise to the challenge.

"We're very pleased to be providing technical support for A1 Team Lebanon this coming season," he said. "We welcome the challenge of representing the Arab world in this international series and are confident that we can help the team to improve on their performance, assist with driver development and achieve the goal of winning World Cup of Motorsport points."



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