A1 Grand Prix organisers have revealed a green initiative for the new season intended to reduce the series' carbon footprint, with the cars set to compete on biofuel for the first time.

Unveiled during the first pre-season test at Silverstone for the upcoming 2007/08 year, Chairman of the championship Pete da Silva announced the launch of 'THINK Greener Racing', which will see the cars switching to biofuel, detailing waste reduction measures, the promise to carbon-offset unavoidable emissions and promoting environmental awareness through the series to a global audience spanning 150 countries.

It is a bold move for the series as it seeks to continue establishing itself on the global motorsport scene, but with this move A1 GP becomes the first worldwide championship to launch a specific green initiative.

"In addition to offering a great global sporting event we have a responsibility to conduct our business in a manner which minimises the impact of our operations on the environment,' da Silva said. "We take this responsibility seriously and aim to develop and promote environmental technology, differentiating A1GP from other global series.

'At the same time, our initiatives will educate our staff, partners, fans and the community at large about the ongoing fight against climate change."

Joined at the press conference by the UK Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Peter Ainsworth MP was happy to lend his support to the championship.

"There are millions of motorsport fans around the world. And millions of environmentally concerned citizens. Today's announcement by A1GP brings the two a little closer together and that can only be a good thing for the fight against climate change."

The fuel used this season will be a 30 per cent [E30] of a biofuel ethanol mix and has been implemented using the corporation of the Zytek team that produces the 550bhp chassis'.

"Zytek believe that the decision made by A1GP to use Bio-Ethanol based fuel for the new season of the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport is an excellent demonstration of yet more forward thinking by this exciting international racing series," said Zytek's operation director John Manchester.

"A1GP, Zytek and Petrochem Carless have been able to prove that more environmentally responsible racing cars can also still deliver ontrack performance and exciting racing."

In addition, the series will take its message to the venues it will visit this season with a mixture of marketing platrforms, such as consumer displays, trackside and on-car signage, website and broadcast.



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