A1 GP organisers have announced a change in the qualifying and the points system for the upcoming season designed to spice up the racing and keep things simple for spectators.

Although quite successful, confusion reigned about the aggregate qualifying system that saw drivers have four single-lap attempts at a fast time, with their best two laps added together to create their grid position.

However, while the four single-lap system remains, the first two segments will be added together to help make the grid for the sprint race, while the final two segments make the grid for the feature race. Before, grid positions for the second race were decided by the results of the first.

One of the big criticisms of the series last year was dull sprint races that saw drivers tentatively trying to avoid making mistakes so they wouldn't compromise their position in the more lucrative feature race. It is hoped two qualifying sessions will keep the racing interesting this time, as well as limit the possibility of several double winners.

As well as this, the points system has been altered so that both races offer an equal amount of points. The winner will now get 15 points, with second receiving 12 points, third 10 points, fourth nine points and so on.



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