Former British F3 champion Jonny Kane reckons that regular A1 Grand Prix racers won't notice a difference when the series switches to biofuel this season.

Series officials announced this week that, from this season, all A1GP cars would run on a 30 per cent biofuel mix, which has meant some modifications to the engine and its software mapping, but Kane, who has been developing the biofuel car, reckons there is no drop-off in performance when compared with the standard machine.

The Irishman was drafted in to help test and develop the technology, and believes that, despite the switch to biofuels, the quality of car performance will not decrease.

"The car still feels responsive and still feels powerful," he said after running the 'green' car at this week's official Silverstone test, "It feels like a normal racing car and aspirated engine. All the characteristics are exactly the same. Nothing will change for the drivers - it doesn't feel slow or anything like that.

"I've been doing long runs in the car. A1GP should get more than 70 minutes out of this fuel tank and engine combination, easy."

Each car will require roughly a day's work to make the necessary biofuel modifications, but all are expected to be running on the new mix from the second pre-season test, back at Silverstone, over 18-19 September.



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