Narain Kartkikeyan feels A1 Team India can fight for the A1GP title this season after a solid performance during pre-season testing at Silverstone.

The 30-year-old Williams F1 test driver recorded the fastest time of the second pre-season test around Silverstone's National circuit layout, breaking the A1GP lap record in the process and raising hopes that India will be running at the front when the season kicks off at Zandvoort next weekend.

Despite the fact that the team has yet to even finish on the podium, the performance during pre-season leaves Karthikeyan in no doubt about what can be achieved during the coming campaign.

"Well, it's a brave statement to say that we are going to win the championship, but let me say that we will be fighting for it at least," he said. "Going by the last two days we won't be bad and it looks like we will be up there.

"I certainly hope everything works out well. For an emerging nation like India to be top of A1GP it's going to be a huge thing back home. Now we will have to see how it all ends up."

Karthikeyan was also quick to play down his quick lap at Silverstone, pointing out that it is the race weekend at Zandvoort that matters.

"It really doesn't matter what the lap times show today," he said. "It was just testing and it will be qualifying at Zandvoort when we really know where we are. But it is a great confidence boost."



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