Oliver Jarvis has admitted he feels a high level of expectation on A1 Team Great Britain to win the A1GP championship this season.

The team ended last season with a run of three victories and three second-places in six races - which puts the British crew amongst the favourites for success during the coming campaign.

However Jarvis, who will drive during the season opener next weekend at Zandvoort, admits that the pressure to succeed this year will simply drive him on in the battle for the crown.

"The level of expectation comes naturally with the results we had at the end of last season," he said. "There is a lot of pressure on everyone, but possibly on us more than anyone else. We are capable of delivering and we are confident.

"We do feel that level of expectation - but it is a good thing. You have to set high goals and yes, they are a little bit harder to achieve them but if it wasn't there wouldn't be any point in doing this."

However, with a number of teams having shown impressive pace during the recent test sessions at Silverstone, Jarvis admitted that his focus in the season opener would be on securing solid points for the team.

"This season will probably be different from the first two in that a team can win the championship with consistent podium finishes," he said. "With Germany winning so many races last season that would have been difficult then, but the competition is that much higher this season that more people will win races, and it will be about scoring regularly.

"Don't get me wrong, the wins are what we want, but if we came away from Zandvoort with a good points haul and two podiums I'd consider that a very good start to the season.

"For the first time in A1GP's history - I can probably name eight teams that are capable of winning a race. It is going to be a great season, that's for sure."



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