Some time competitor Robert Doornbos continues to show that he is a force to be reckoned with in A1GP after securing his second and third front row starting positions in just four attempts.

Champ Car race winner Doornbos, who is sharing the Team Netherlands seat with Jeroen Bleekemolen this season, proved immediately back on the pace by shadowing Ireland's Adam Carroll in both qualifying sessions.

However, the pressure is on Doornbos now after stalling during his only other standing start in China. With safety concerns prompting two standing starts, rather than a rolling one, this weekend, Doornbos is determined not to make the same mistake again.

"These cars are not easy to get away and I proved in China it can go wrong," Doornbos told the A1GP website. "To be honest it was my mistake. I was not on 100 per cent throttle and I stalled. It's crucial that you have full throttle before you let the clutch go. Then it's about how you burn it and slip the clutch out.

"I have tried a couple of practice starts in the special area in the pit lane, but the problem is that the practice area is on concrete. I get away, but I spin my wheels a lot and it is not representative. The real thing is going to be tomorrow. I wouldn't have minded having the rolling start in the Sprint race, but it is what it is and it's safer for everyone at Turn 1.

Adding that he thinks he could have snatched pole position for at least one of the races, Doornbos is nonetheless confident for the races.

"I reckon we had pole position in the bag until I got to Turn 11 and then there were two guys spinning in front of me. The race is going to be long - we can do well tomorrow."



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