The A1GP World Cup of Motorsport kicked off its third season by announcing a new commercial partnership that also stretches to eight of its teams, while the host nation for this weekend's event at Zandvoort also unveiled a new tie-up.

A1GP has signed a three-year 'major event partner' agreement with Multi Pro Natural Ltd as a continuation of its environmental programme, and the deal will stretch to the new partner also backing the Swiss, South African, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Chinese, German and Indian teams, as well as event sponsorship at Zandvoort this weekend.

"Since the launch of the A1GP's THINK Greener Racing initiative, which laid out a series of commitments to help reduce our environmental footprint such as switching to biofuel, we have become a natural attraction to other sponsors that have the same set of environmental principles," CEO Pete da Silva commented, "We believe we have found the perfect partner in AquaSP."

Multi Pro Natural's AquaSP product is an 'innovative, non-toxic and environmentally friendly' water treatment formula which acts as a catalyst to the natural oxidisation process, producing clean drinkable water.

"Multipro Natural AG is a new business that is looking to build its brands globally," COO Roderick Tanzer said, explaining the decision to link up with A1GP, "By entering the fascinating world of racing, we would like to create a connection between our product AquaSP and the attributes of racing - high-technology, innovation and emotion. This partnership is mutually beneficial as A1GP provides global reach into more than 150 countries with 300 million viewers."

Team Switzerland will join the seven other partner teams by adorning its pit walls, car and overalls with the AquaSP logo.

"We are looking forward to working with AquaSP," seat holder Max Welti commented, "I would like to recall how much I support the efforts of the A1 GP Series organisers to promote new environmental technologies and to reduce the amount of emissions being released by our racing cars into the environment. A1 Team Switzerland are the right platform to support AquaSP's marketing actions."

As well as taking its place among the AquaSP octet, Team Netherlands revealed a deal with automatic transmission specialist Antonov plc on the eve of the season-opener at Zandvoort. Antonov's corporate identity will be prominently displayed on the nose of the reliveried Dutch car.

"The majority of our shareholders are based in the Netherlands," explained Antonov chief executive John Moore, "Sponsorship of A1 Team Netherlands was a logical choice, particularly with the first race of the season being at the Zandvoort circuit, where we have previously demonstrated our vehicle technology. Motorsport forms a natural part of the automotive industry and this global sponsorship programme will help us achieve our automotive marketing and business objectives - particularly in China.

"The A1GP series provides Antonov with a global motorsport marketing platform for reaching important automotive growth markets in China and south-east Asia, where four of the eleven races are held and where VIP hospitality is particularly important for developing a relationship with corporate clients. Clients in this part of the world have an increasing love affair with motorsport and providing corporate hospitality forms an important part of their cultural way of doing business in which socialising and entertainment forms such a very important role.

"In addition, our increasing level of automotive design activity in the UK, where our engineering effort is now based, means that the race at Brands Hatch next year will also be important to us."



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