A1 Team Switzerland heads into the second half of the A1 Grand Prix season having added two new sponsors to their increasing portfolio.

Reigning champions Switzerland, who currently sit second in this season's standings after Neel Jani recorded a win for them last time out in New Zealand, have acquired backing from the Fordahl FOQ group and CP Eyewear and Helmets.

The former, a company that builds timing components for telecommunications systems, and the latter, a Swiss sports equipment brand, have both signed a contract to sponsor the team for the next two years.

"As a leading company in its business area, Fordahl FOQ aims at communicating at the highest level," said a team spokesman. "For two years, the group's advertising strategy is based on motorsport sponsoring. The synergies are obvious: in both fields, speed and accuracy are key elements.

"Swiss brand CP stands for trendy, innovative and at the same time highly professional manufacturing of sun glasses, goggles and sports helmets. Behind the trend-setting collection is a young design team that has its background in fun sports, fashion and music."

Meanwhile, Monaco have announced an agreement with ProTech Monte Carlo, who will work to try and make them the first racing team in the world to embark on a 'Zero Carbon' programme.

A1 Team Monaco already use Protech's waterless washing product, which saves 200 litres of water every single time one of the team's racing cars is washed.

"By adopting the eco-technological aesthetic measures normally used in the context of everyday driving, developed in the ProTech research and development laboratory, to today's competitive scene, we have just taken a step in the right direction," said Monaco's driver Clivio Piccione.



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