Ireland and Portugal have criticised one another for blocking their fastest laps in the final qualifying session of the day, leaving both down in the lower reaches of the grid.

With only one flying lap per session, pressure was on for both Adam Carroll and Joao Urbano to make an impression after struggling in the first segment, but both accuse the other of getting in the way.

The effect was clear to see, with both nations qualifying for the feature race down in 16th and 18th, Portugal ahead of Ireland. By contrast, Portugal will start seventh for the sprint race, while Ireland will get away from fourth.

Carroll was the first to cry foul play, claiming the incident prevented him from starting much further up the grid than he will.

"Fourth for the Sprint is a solid result and but I'm frustrated that the Portuguese car blocked me on my best run," the GP2 race winner said. "It cost me the chance to be up at the front for the Feature."

Urbano hit back by saying that Carroll blocked him initially though, along with New Zealand's Johnny Reid.

"We were hoping to do a really good time with the new tyres but it didn't happen because of traffic," the former Formula 3 Euroseries driver said. "He blocked me first. I was on my flying lap and he was straight out of the pits and I caught his car on the straight.

"With me it was not intentional. I saw him far behind me so I did my corner. But I was on the exit and then I was on my line so he had to overtake. It was pretty much the same as what happened with me.

"On my flying lap New Zealand and Ireland didn't allow me to overtake. It was just one of those things."



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