Emerson Fittipaldi has vowed to come out of retirement to test the new Ferrari-powered A1GP World Cup of Motorsport car next season.

The 60-year old A1 Team Brazil boss is so excited about A1GP's involvement with the Prancing Horse that he has confirmed he will get back behind the wheel to test the single-seater, but insists that he will not race the machine. Fittipaldi, who never drove for Ferrari in his Formula One career, returned to the wheel in the ill-fated GP Masters series, but has confined himself to a management role with A1 Team Brazil.

"When I was told about the possibility of Ferrari coming on board, I thought it was brilliant," he said, "The Ferrari name alone is incredible and people are going to give A1GP more respect and we are going to be much bigger. When Ferrari's people visited us in Zandvoort, they loved our A1GP weekend and they are very enthusiastic to get involved with A1GP.

"Ferrari will help design a beautiful car. I always wanted to drive for Ferrari and now I can! I will at least test the car. I won't race it, but I want to test the car. I'm very excited about it. The partnership with Ferrari will make more drivers want to get involved in A1GP too. It will be an exciting formula for the racing."



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