Despite the six-week break in A1GP competition, James Hinchcliffe has been left with no time to relax with the Canadian having not stopped since the last round of the season three weeks ago in the Czech Republic.

The 20-year-old has been kept busy since the Brno race weekend primarily with his television commitments for Eurosport in the Champ Car World Series.

His colorful commentary skills haven't gone unnoticed and when the Champ Car World Series headed down-under to Australia two weeks ago Hinchcliffe was invited by the local broadcaster, Network 7 Television, to fulfill commentary duties on the Surfer's Paradise race.

While it literally meant hopping out of his A1GP car in the Czech Republic, flying back to Canada for less than a day then hopping back on a plane to Australia, it was an opportunity too good to turn down.

"It was a mega experience," he reflected. "They wanted someone who had up-to-date knowledge of Champ Car to help out with the broadcast and the people at the series kindly recommended me to Network 7 as they knew I'd been following everything through my work with Eurosport. The Australian operation was huge and instead of having to work off of the feed given to us, which is usually the case, we got to call the shots of the coverage which was just fantastic as a commentator!

"From a professional point of view it was a really cool experience for me and recreationally it was great to fit in another trip to Australia. Last time I was there I ended up barrel-rolling the A1GP car at Eastern Creek so this was a bit more pleasurable in that I didn't cause any damage and was able to commentate on the drama on-track as opposed to being the drama!"



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