Neel Jani was delighted - and a little surprised - with his dominant margin in qualifying for the latest round of A1 Grand Prix at Sepang having soared to a pair of pole positions.

Having taken pole position for every A1 GP race held around the Malaysian circuit, Jani was confident of a good performance around one of his favourite circuits, but not even he was ready for the advantage he commanded.

Already two tenths faster than his rivals during qualifying for the sprint race, Jani then produced a lap in qualifying for the feature event that was almost a full second faster than anyone else.

Coming even after his first lap of the session had secured the fastest time, Jani claims he took the lap easy and was by no means trying to smash the 1min 48secs barrier.

"I thought that my 1m 48.4s lap, which I did on old tyres, might already be enough for pole position," he said. "So, on my last round I just went out and thought I'd just go easy, and suddenly there was a 1m 47.7s lap so maybe that was the solution.

Insisting the car needed just a few tweaks, Jani has won both of the races he qualified on pole position for at Sepang, but he is now hoping this can lead to a first double victory for the Swiss team.

"James, my engineer, and the team adjusted the car for each segment - we made some little adjustments on the tyres with ride heights and each time I went out the car was better and everything was just perfect. I hope we do tomorrow what we didn't do the last two years - get both race wins."



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