With the ongoing saga of whether or not A1GP will feature at the Nikon SuperGP next weekend, one of the teams due to compete has admitted that it doesn't know whether or not the race will take place.

The A1GP cars have yet to leave British soil to head for Australia's Gold Coast, with crisis talks ongoing to come up with a Plan B for the event in case the single-seater series fails to fulfil its commitment to race at the event.

With event general manager Greg Hooton insists that he remains confident that the cars will arrive, A1 Team New Zealand commercial director Hamish Miller said his team had been kept in the dark and wouldn't head for Australian soil until it knew for certain that the cars had arrived.

"We are still waiting for an absolute confirmation from A1GP that the cars will get there in time," he told the Gold Coast Bulletin. "From a timing perspective, there are some question marks over if they will make it.

"They remain upbeat that everything is going ahead but there is a big question mark. Our understanding is that they haven't left London yet and if that's the case obviously from a timing perspective it means it is going to be tight."

Defending champions Ireland are another team to question whether or not the event will take place, with a source quoted by RTE Sport as saying it was 'extremely unlikely' the team would race.


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