Tony Teixeira, A1GP chairman:
I want to personally apologise to the people affected by this regrettable but unavoidable decision. The Queensland Government, Gold Coast Motor Events Co, the management and Chairman of the event have been patient and supportive of us in the past weeks.

We were proud to be part of what has become one of the world's most iconic motorsport events, and are devastated at the decision we have had to make. We also know the Australian motorsport fans are very protective of this event and had welcomed us with open arms. To them I also apologise and stress that we wanted to put on a show for them that they would never forget.

We have recently announced 19 teams who were ready to race in Australia. I know they are still committed to racing in our unique series that pits nation versus nation. A1GP may be down, but I do not accept we are out. We have had four exciting seasons that have proved we are a force in the sport and now we shall consolidate on what we have achieved to date. My efforts will be on finding a way forward with the support of some very loyal people.

Alan Evans, A1GP Australia Pty Ltd chairman:
The Directors and Officers of A1GP Australia Pty LTD have been endeavouring over the last several weeks to obtain clarification on the status of A1GP from A1 Holdings, the international company which is the commercial rights holder of the A1GP series and also the company which has control of the A1GP race cars and the A1GP teams.

During this period of time we have received numerous assurances from Mr Tony Teixeira, the Chairman of A1 Holdings, both in writing and verbally that the necessary funding would be in place to ensure that the A1GP could meet its contractual obligation to conduct A1GP raced during the course of the Nikon SuperGP.

The information we had been provided with was such that we all genuinely believed that A1 Holdings was in a position to provide the necessary fund to meet the contractual obligations entered into by A1GP.

The matter has been further complicated by the proper requirement of the FIA for A1GP to undertake two modifications to the race cars to ensure the safety of the drivers. In time now available to A1GP, they are not able to complete both modifications and this will preclude them from racing.

I have today written to all the relevant parties to advise that, due to the inability of A1 Holdings to ensure the provision of 18 [Ed note - as opposed to the 19 revealed by the series] A1GP cars, drivers and teams, that we understand the Gold Coast Motor Events decision that we are unable to fulfil terms of the contract.

I will also advise the relevant National motor sport authority of all the circumstances leading to this action.

On behalf of A1GP, I sincerely apologise to the Queensland Government, the Gold Coast Motor Events Company and its General Manager Greg Hooton, but most particularly, the motor sport public for the failure of A1GP to fulfil its obligations, But we, and all other parties involved in the staging of the A1GP on the Gold Coast, genuinely believed on the information continuously provided to us that A1GP would be in a position to compete at the Nikon SuperGP

It would now appear that there is no doubt that A1GP is not in a position to ship the cars to Australia in time to participate in the event.

Unfortunately it appears that a great concept in motor sport with its equal cars and teams and drivers representing their nations has run its course in Australia for this year. We are however, hopeful that in future years, we can return to Australia and compete to demonstrate the competitiveness of the category.

Greg Hooton, Nikon SuperGP general manager:
GCMEC and the Minister have worked with V8 Supercars, to develop the new race program which will now be rolled out at the event. This programme comprises of four 150km V8 Supercar races, two over each day of the weekend, seeing an unprecedented amount of V8 Supercar racing on the streets of Surfers Paradise.

Amounting to 600km of racing, this will see the Nikon SuperGP only eclipsed by the Bathurst 1000 when it comes to the amount of racing that will be on offer for spectators at any one event. Everyone here is truly excited and believes this is a great result, and one which is sure to entertain motorsport fans from all around the country.

While a new look programme is in place, we recognise that some of those who have pre-purchased their tickets may now want to reconsider their attendance to the event. As a gesture of goodwill, GCMEC will provide a refund to those people who have already purchased a ticket to the event, should they choose not to attend the Nikon SuperGP this week.

If those people who have already purchased a ticket do attend the event, no refund or partial refunds will be given. Details on how to obtain a refund will be available on Monday through the Ticketek website.

In closing, I would like to state that with the new plan now in place, the 2009 Nikon SuperGP is on-track to entertain the crowds over October 22-25. More news on extra entertainment and other exciting developments for the 2009 race programme will be made over the coming days.

Tony Cochrane, V8 Supercar series boss:
V8 Supercars will step up with four 150km races, in a joint celebration of Q150, which is the longest we have raced at this event and the longest distance we will race all year this year outside of the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000. I praise the strong initiative of the Queensland Government working with GCMEC and V8 Supercars in the past few days to develop the new race formats.

I would also like to thank our V8 Supercar teams who will now need to do a huge amount of work to change their cars, engineering and race plans for the weekend. Without their support this would not have happened. Now we are ready to roll to give the people a cracking race weekend.

Phil Reeves, Queensland Sports Minister:
I'd like to acknowledge the V8 Supercars for their ability and willingness to step up and ensure the Nikon SuperGP is a fantastic event. The Nikon SuperGP is an iconic event and this change I believe can only enhance its reputation as one of the world's greatest motorsport events.

I'm sure racing fans will not be disappointed and it will again be another great event. The Nikon SuperGP is much more than just racing, people come for the whole experience.

Todd Kelly, Jack Daniels Racing V8 Supercar driver:
I think this year's Gold Coast event will be as good as we've ever had there. There are a lot more races for us with our V8 Supercars and there is going to be a lot more action and I've got no doubt that we will put on a show that everybody will be pretty happy with.

The V8 Supercar Series is really 'hotting up' now. We've got guys that are fighting for championships and guys like Rick (Kelly, brother and Jack Daniel's Racing team-mate) and myself that have really come on in this second part of the year in our Jack Daniel's Commodores but are not a chance at the championship. We can afford to take a lot more risks than a lot of the cars around us so when it is like this, drivers like us try and capitalise on that at the end of the year and it produces awesome racing, especially at a place that's a concrete tunnel like Surfers.

It will be a great spectacle. It's an awesome race. When you come onto that back straight, if you feel like it you can look out the window and watch the waves crashing on the beach. It's a fantastic place and it's probably the best atmosphere that we have at any event we go to all year.

Joe Bremner, Jack Daniel's Racing V8 team manager:
We've put more brakes and wheels in our two transporters before sending them up to Queensland. We've also taken more panels and other equipment to allow for the cars running extra races and covering the extra distance. Brakes and tyres and the main thing, as the Surfers Paradise street circuit is one of the most demanding circuits we visit in terms of brakes. It's not only the hot temperatures, but also the fact that there are several heavy braking zones each lap.

Engine mileage and the driveline area of the car is something we will also monitor but we've just come away from Bathurst where all four Kelly Racing cars finished inside the top 20, so we've showed that we can do 1000 kilometres, so 600 kilometres is not a huge drama.

The next few days will be busy as we reassess our plan for the weekend and determine what race strategy we will employ. It's a great event and we're all looking forward to the challenge of this new format. It will be very demanding on the drivers and teams but it will certainly be a interesting and exciting event with four V8 Supercar races.


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