A1 Team USA has lost the points it gained in the Taupo feature race after being handed a 70-second penalty for making its mandatory pit-stop outside of the permitted window.

The first pit-stop is supposed to take place between laps eight and 16, but the 'We The People' car was judged to have completed its first stop just outside of this limit, dropping Jonathan Summerton down from eighth place to 14th in the final reckoning - and handing Pakistan its first point of the 2007/08 campaign in the nation vs nation series. The Netherlands and Mexico also gain a point each.

Summerton, meanwhile, protested his innocence in the clash that removed Great Britain's Robbie Kerr from the sprint race on lap six. Kerr was alongside Summerton for the length of the back straight before the pair touched going into the tight turn twelve. The GBR car suffered suspension damage as a result of the incident and was forced to retire, whilst the US entry continued to claim seventh place.

"We looked at the data afterwards,' the Florida native said. "I drove in a straight line and I braked at my normal point. He just decided he wanted my line too. You can ask many people and I think a lot of people will agree with me - it wasn't really my fault."

"I passed the car halfway through the previous corner," Kerr countered. "I was alongside him for the full length of the straight; I was in a perfectly straight line. I believe I left him more than enough room on the outside.

"I was about to turn and I got hit from behind in my left sidepod - it sent me skywards. From my point-of-view, I had the corner and I gave him enough room."

Great Britain's day got worse in the later feature outing, with a mechanical failure meaning the team left Taupo with nul points for the second year in succession.



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