Fairuz Fauzy endured a trying return to the Team Malaysia seat as he failed to score in the latest round of the A1GP season at Eastern Creek.

Brought in to replace Alex Yoong for the Australian weekend, Fauzy picked up a top ten starting slot for the feature race at the Sydney venue but was unable to score points in either race held in tricky conditions following rain showers.

Fauzy lined up in 16th place for the opening sprint race, although rain was clearly in the air when the race kicked off. The action proved to be somewhat processional for the team until the rain arrived, with Fauzy electing to pit for wet tyres. Unfortunately, the gamble failed to pay off as most of the field remained on slicks and he could only finish down in 20th place.

Tenth on the grid for race two, Fauzy lost out at the start and slipped down to twelfth place and proved unable to make any progress in the challenging conditions. He slipped down to 16th before the first round of pitstops and eventually took the flag down in 18th place after a difficult weekend of racing.

"It has taken me a while to get to grips with the A1GP car, but after these two races I feel much more comfortable in it," he said. "It wasn't an easy weekend, particularly with the changing weather. Opting for wet tyres this morning was a gamble we had to take but it was a shame that we lost out with that decision.

"The last time I drove in the wet in this car was in Estoril over two year ago, so I didn't have much experience that I could use today. Consequently I struggled in the wet this afternoon. The first set of wet tyres improved as the race progressed and I was able to start getting on the pack, but the second set just didn't have the same pace in them. Overall I think we made some progress this weekend, and that's encouraging."

Chief executive Jack Cunningham admitted that the team's gambles hadn't quite paid off on track, but he said his driver had coped well with the conditions.

"We rolled the dice in the sprint race, but as it turned out, we didn't make the right decision on that occasion and we compromised our opportunity to move into a points finish position," he said. "In the feature race the treacherous conditions were our biggest challenge, however, on his return to racing with A1 Team Malaysia, Fairuz has settled in quickly with the team and has coped well in difficult and treacherous circumstances today."



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