Oliver Jarvis secured a double podium finish in Mexico City to help A1 Team Great Britain climb into fourth in the championship standings on his final outing of the season.

Jarvis survived a controversial aborted start in the sprint race to finish in second place and then repeated the feat in the feature race to move ahead of Team Germany and close the gap to third placed France ahead of the final two rounds of the year.

Jarvis was one of a number of drivers to be caught out at the rolling start for the sprint race when pole-man Adrian Zaugg appeared to slow, with the Team GBR car running into the rear of Jonathan Summerton's USA machine and suffering a damaged front wing.

Luckily for Jarvis, he was able to retake the restart and moved up to third on the run to the first corner with a fine move down the inside of Summerton. When Zaugg then suffered a puncture on lap three, Jarvis moved into second place where he remained to the finish - despite coming under pressure from Switzerland after a Safety Car period.

"I'm delighted to get a podium for GBR. However I'm very unhappy about the first start and Zaugg's driving standard," he said. "He accelerated then braked, which is something the leader is not meant to do as it creates a concertina effect behind
as the other drivers don't see the leader brake until the last minute and you end up with a large crash. We were fortunate to get the car repaired and back out there again.

"There was a lot of pressure on the restart with everyone being a bit more cautious, but I had a good start and actually thought I was going to get the lead at one point as I was right up behind RSA but unfortunately ran out of road on the right and managed to hang onto third going into the first corner. From then on I kept behind NZL and I was really happy to finish second."

Another good start in the feature race from fourth on the grid saw Jarvis quickly into third place, fending off the challenge of New Zealands Jonny Reid before making his compulsory pit-stop on lap nine.

Despite contact from Reid while entering the pits, Jarvis was able to return to the track in fourth place having dropped a position but he quickly retook third with a fine move on Canada's Rob Wickens. When Switzerland picked up a drive-through penalty, Jarvis moved into second behind Ireland's Adam Carroll for his second podium of the weekend.

"We had a fantastic start and I really thought we could take the lead but the guys in front defended well," he said. "I managed to gain a place and was then held up by Canada so we decided to pit a lap later, but Canada and Ireland both had good pitstops so we lost a place. I made an opportunistic move on Canada going into turn four and fortunately managed to make it stick.

"After the second stop, USA closed in on me and I had to push really hard. He came back very strong towards the end and I lost time behind back-markers, it was good close racing and fortunately I managed to hold the place. Obviously I would have loved a win in Mexico again, but I'm delighted to come away with second and a strong points haul for the team ahead of the last two rounds."



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