Team Germany seat holder Willi Weber admitted that his team is being dogged by bad luck after a pointless weekend in Mexico City.

The defending A1GP champions went into the weekend looking to try and bounce back from the events of recent meetings but things went wrong at the start of the sprint race, when poleman Adrian Zaugg backed up the field and Michael Ammermuller was hit from behind by Pakistan's Adam Khan.

The damage sustained forced Germany out of the race before it even got underway, and things got worse as Ammermuller's race engineer Rob Cresswell fell while the car was being pulled back to the pits, with one of the rear wheels on the car rolling over him and dislocating his shoulder.

With Cresswell watching on from the sidelines, Ammermuller started the feature race from third on the grid and was running fifth when contact with the Canadian car of Rob Wickens damaged the nose on his car and forced him to pit, leading to a disappointing 20th place finish.

"We're being pursued by bad luck," Weber reflected. "After the main race at Durban we've been the victims in a starting phase collision for the second time in a row. The circumstances this time were particularly disturbing, as every driver should actually know how a flying start works. And the penalties for such wrong behaviour should be clear either. So, our sprint was over before it began.

"Up to the main race the team worked very, very hard during the repair break, and the pit stops performed by David Sears Motorsport were very good as well. This makes it especially sad that, due to the wing change, there was no reward for all this hard labour."



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