Chinese A1GP race Cheng Congfu is to be one of the lucky people to carry the Olympic Torch ahead of the Beijing Olympics next year.

Cheng will be a torchbearer for the Olympic Flame as it sets out on its path across Greece to the his home country, with the former British F3 racer admitting it was an honour to be involved.

"It is my great honour and a dream for all sports people to be nominated as one of the Torchbearers and to carry the flame in Greece," he said. "Hopefully my appearance in the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay will help promote motorsport in China, and encourage more Chinese people to get involved in this exciting sport.

"I will try my best to bring more honours to my country in A1GP World Cup of Motorsport. I would like to welcome all the people going to my home town for this great event."



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