Korea will take its first steps to becoming an international motor racing figure in the next A1 Grand Prix season, having agreed to field a team at an official signing ceremony in Shanghai over the weekend.

Led by seat holder Joshua Kim, of Omnibus Investment, and supported by entertainment company Good EMG - a Korean KOSDAQ listed company - the creation of A1 Team Korea presents a significant opportunity to develop motorsport in the Asian nation. For the first time, a single-seater race car bearing the white, red and blue flag of Korea will take to the track, and will compete from the start of season four.

"Korea has the fifth biggest automobile industry in the world but, as a nation, we are not familiar with motorsport, so this is my main reason for joining A1GP," Kim commented, "Korean people love sport, but they do not know about motorsport. Through A1GP, motorsport will become more popular and people will know about the sport, learning through A1GP."

With few new nations being added to the field since the first couple of seasons were beset by absentees, Korea - which hopes to stage an F1 grand prix from 2010 - not only represents the growing strength of the Asian region in world motorsport, but also the continuing growth of A1GP.

"A1GP is going from strength to strength, and the addition of A1 Team Korea is yet another example of our phenomenal growth in Asia," regional CEO David Clare confirmed, "From the outset, A1GP has been committed to bringing new countries and fans to the sport, and the involvement of Korea is further evidence of our success in this field.

"A1GP is about racing on a level playing field. Now, with the introduction of a new chassis and engine from season four, Korea will join the series for this new era on an equal footing, having as strong a chance as any team of being competitive next season. Joining A1GP is a huge step forward for Korean motorsport, and any success they experience on the track will be a boost, not only for the series, but to the overall development of Korea's role in the sport."

No drivers have been named for the team as yet.



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