A1GP Team Great Britain team principal Katie Clements has revealed that the team is likely to adopt a new driver strategy for the fourth season of the 'Nation versus Nation' World Cup of Motorsport.

For the past two seasons, the team has elected to use more than one race driver over the course of the campaign - with Oliver Jarvis and Robbie Kerr both taking part in five events during the 2007/08 season.

The pair allowed GB to finish the third season of A1 racing in third place in the standings but the team will now look to try and make the most of the continuity of a single driver to chase the title in season four.

"Our drivers kept coming back to A1GP after being out of our cars for some time, and on occasions driving other cars," Clements told the official A1GP website. "They weren't as in-tune with our car as they could have been and that's one of the reasons why we should look to using just a one driver strategy going forward. Our aim is to win the championship and definitely using one driver is an element of that.

"With one driver having to race continuously, it would not be a question of them missing some races, and then them having to get used to the A1GP car again. Just look down the pit lane at Switzerland and New Zealand - they were the two teams that finished ahead of us and they had just one driver.

"The situation is amplified further by switching to the new car this season. It is about maintaining that consistency, so one driver understands everything there is to know."

Clements added that a number of drivers will be evaluated at the Silverstone test session scheduled for August before a decision is taken on who will drive during the season ahead - although she admitted that evaluating different drivers would work against her team.

"The teams that have already decided which driver they are going to use will have an advantage in testing [by not having to evaluate different ones at Silverstone]," she said. "It means by the first race, some drivers will have had five whole days in the new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car.

"Ideally we want to have a driver that is committed for the entire season, but it does depend on a number of factors."



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