Neel Jani has admitted that Team Switzerland won't find the going easy as it seeks to defend its A1GP title during the new 2008/09 season.

The Swiss team eventually came out on top of a huge battle for the title last season to take the 'World Cup of Motorsport' title for the first time, but it won't have any advantage over its rivals going into the new season with the introduction of the new Powered by Ferrari car effectively leaving all teams with a blank canvas going into the new campaign.

While it has yet to be confirmed if Jani will form part of the Swiss title defence, the 24-year-old admitted that it was difficult to predict who will be the team to beat during the new campaign - with the front-runners likely to be whoever can get to grips with the new car the quickest.

"The new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car looks great, and it will be quick with the extra downforce it should have," he told the official A1GP website. "The car is new, the tyres are new - everything is new. So all the teams are at zero and everyone starts again.

"Every team has the same chance. But the team and driver which find the little tricks on the car first will be victorious, just like A1 Team France did in the first season of A1GP. It will be the same this season, but if several teams do that it will be a very interesting championship.

"The level of competition will raise again in A1GP, as it has done every year, from both a team and technical point of view and driver wise. But it is very hard to say which way it will go."



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