A1 Team Malaysia has announced that Alan Mugglestone will take on the role of chief engineer for the new A1GP season.

Mugglestone, who has previously worked in a range of different disciplines during his career, including Formula One, Formula 3 and Le Mans will take on the senior position within the team for the new season, which will mark the first year of competition for the new Powered by Ferrari car.

"I've been watching A1GP on the TV and I know a few drivers and team members around the paddock, but this is an entirely new venture for me this year," he said. "I think coming in now with the new car is a good thing for me to get to grips with everything and start with a blank sheet of paper as with all of the other teams.

"In theory racing cars are all the same, they work in the same way, they all have the same elements: car, tyres, drivers, so this will not be new to me; I'm keen to see the Malaysian car on track and then we can start work."

Mugglestone will be with the team for this week's shakedown of the car at Donington Park and said he was hopeful that the team will be on the pace when the season kicks off at Zandvoort.

"The new car is great, the build quality is excellent and the attention to detail is second to none," he said. "We will know more when we get the new car up and running at Donington and I'm really looking forward to my first opportunity to work alongside the team and the drivers, I'm sure we can be challenging in the front half of the field at Zandvoort."



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