A1 Team Pakistan has announced that Adam Khan is to take over as seat holder for the 2008/09 season, combining his new role with driving duties in the new look nation versus nation series.

A group of investors led by the Khansheema Group will provide the foundation for the team and develop the infrastructure of the business to build a successful future, and to continue to successfully represent Pakistan in the A1GP Series.

"I am looking forward to building the awareness for the team in Pakistan through my role as seat holder, while also racing for the nation at the A1GP events around the globe," Khan said. "Combining the two responsibilities will certainly keep me busy, but I also believe that having total focus on the team will help to bring us more success both commercially and on the track."

Khan will be entering his third season of racing in the series, having driven in series one and series three, and he said he was excited by the prospect of trying out the new Powered by Ferrari car.

"It is fitting that I have taken over the reins of the team as we head into a new chapter in the history of A1GP," he said. "I represented Pakistan in the first season, with the introduction of this new championship quickly establishing itself as one of the most exciting international racing series.

"The new car, with its Ferrari engine and cutting edge design, is at the core of the future of A1GP, and will power the series to the next level, both with the on-track performance and the commercial opportunities which partnering with such an iconic brand presents to us. The forthcoming season is going to be very exciting and I'm keen to start work, on and off the track."



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