A1GP are hoping to get the drivers and teams up to speed with the new Ferrari F1-inspired chassis by developing a simulation that mimics the machine.

Based in Modena, Italy, the simulator has been designed to educate both drivers and engineers in the specifics of the new A1 GP car, while it also provides driver training for those unfamiliar with certain circuits or characteristics of the powerful machine.

Under the management of Anton Stipinovich, Lead Consultant on Electronic Development, a key member of the test team in charge of the development programme of the new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car, the system is overseen and operated by an expert engineering team with contemporary Formula 1 experience.

A1 GP test driver Thomas Biagi was impressed with the similarities between the simulator and the actual machine.

"It is definitely very helpful for drivers. Everything in the cockpit is the same, so when the drivers jump into the cockpit they already know and understand the software. The race tracks are very close to reality so this is very good training for drivers going to new circuits.

"I have worked with the (All In Sports) team to make the simulator as close to reality as possible. We are very happy with the result, and I would recommend any drivers who have the opportunity to spend some time on it before getting in the new Powered by Ferrari car to do so."

His views were echoes by reigning A1GP champion driver Neel Jani, who was pleased to get the chance to sample the simulation before he steps inside the car.

"I liked it a lot. You can learn all the electronics and all the buttons on the steering wheel, which is particularly good for rookie drivers who come from series without electronics on the steering wheel.

"It's definitely a good thing to do before getting in the car for the first time. For all drivers it's a must so you know where everything is before you get in the car without the risk of damaging anything!"



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