A1 Team Mexico has been added to the list of teams who won't take part in the opening round of the new A1GP season this weekend in the Netherlands.

Build delays with the new Powered by Ferrari car will lead to a depleted field for the opening races of the season at Zandvoort, which in itself wasn't meant to open the fourth season of racing before the scheduled event at Mugello was postponed.

Mexico join Britain in being forced out of the weekend but will look to be on track for next months event in China.

"Unfortunately, the series has had delays building its new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car and this has also affected this team," a team statement read. "This has been a situation that will cause the absence of several teams, but we are sure that we will be in round two in China.

"With the recent changes to the points' scoring system that allows a team to drop its worst event score, A1 Team Mexico's opportunities of challenging for the World Cup of Motorsport title will not be adversely affected by missing the Zandvoort event."



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