A1 Team Lebanon has announced that Jimmy Auby will take on the role of reserve driver for the 2008/09 A1GP season.

Auby raced in three rounds of the series last season and now makes his return to the A1GP arena having spent the 2008 season racing in the Spanish F3 Championship.

While Daniel Morad was given the job of driving the new Powered by Ferrari car in the opening rounds of the season, Auby was present at the Dutch circuit for the race weekend and said he was hopeful of getting his chance to race the car later in the season.

"I'm pleased that A1 Team Lebanon have asked me to rejoin the team as reserve driver," he said. "It obviously isn't as good as being the main driver, but I'm there to learn and hopefully I will be asked to race for the team at some point this season. I've no experience of the new A1GP Powered by Ferrari car, but I have heard some good reports of how well the car handles and that there is major improvement over the original model, so I am keen to drive it. It is also much quicker than the original car which I drove last season and I'm always keen to get behind the wheel of a fast car, so I hope that I'll be able to sample this power.

"Although I wasn't driving last weekend, it was an excellent opportunity to learn from the professionalism of the Lebanese team. I sat in on the engineering meetings, as well as watching trackside, which is an opportunity to observe all the drivers. I hope that I can show the commitment, passion and dedication that a team such as A1 Team Lebanon demands, with an eye to being part of the future development of the Lebanese team."



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