Marco Andretti is confident he is on the right track to make future improvements following a promising, if troublesome, A1GP debut in China.

With his father's Andretti Green Racing concern taking on the American A1GP team this season, Marco got his first chance to trial the car around the Chengdu circuit, but struggled to just 16th and 11th during qualifying.

Nonetheless, while Andretti, an IndyCar race winner, was made to pay for his lowly grid position in a sprint race devoid of overtaking, a solid pit-stop strategy aided his cause in the feature event.

Running as high as third at one point during the pit-stop window, Andretti eventually crossed the line in eighth position to record three valuable points. With that in mind, Andretti is confident any forthcoming showings will signal an improvement in results.

"The weekend started out with our bad luck in qualifying, which carried over to race day as it turned out to be a track position race. Unfortunately, it was very hard to pass here and making it to the end with no mistakes was what mattered.

"The results weren't bad considering how new we are to the series and the little experience we have with the car. I am definitely optimistic about the future, we have our work cut out to close the gap but I think it's possible."



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