Neel Jani saw his run of pole positions at Sepang come to an end in qualifying for the third round of the A1GP season in Malaysia.

Pole position for the sprint race made it five-in-a-row at the Malaysia venue for Jani but his run came to an end in feature race qualifying after he could only secure 16th place on the grid.

However, Jani admitted that his below par performance in the second qualifying session was largely down to other teams electing to use their PowerBoost joker to secure a better position on the feature race grid, while he also made a small mistake on track which cost him time.

"I had a very good lap for the sprint race, but not a good enough lap in the feature," he told the official A1 site. "I made a small mistake for the feature, not huge, but I picked up dirt on my tyres and from then on I was gone.

"Everyone seemed to use their PowerBoost lap then and I got thrown back on the grid. I picked up some dirt. I thought many more people would use it for the sprint. We were proved wrong but it doesn't matter because we got the pole. In the feature race qualifying I just got thrown back due to the rule and also having that little mistake."

However, Jani admitted that he wasn't too concerned with his grid slot with the possibility that rain could affect the feature race.

"I start 16th but I know I will have a bit more time to do things then, and there is a risk of rain," he said. "There is definitely no risk of rain in the sprint so it is great to be starting up front for that race."



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