A1 Team Malaysia saw its time at the head of the A1GP championship standings come to an end after a tough weekend on home soil at Sepang.

After the initial start was aborted, Fauzy held twelfth at the start of the sprint race but battled ahead of Italy and South Africa in one move to get himself into the top ten.

However, Adrian Zaugg then tried to reclaim the place into turn two and slammed into the side of Fauzy - puncturing a tyre on the Malaysian car and forcing Fauzy into a pit stop that ruined his chances of a good result.

"I was disappointed with the sprint race as I had just passed two cars and put myself in contention for a points finish when I was just taken out by South Africa," he said. "It's not a passing place on this track and I think they should have been penalised for it at least."

Fauzy maintained fourth at the start of the feature race before climbing to third ahead of Lebanon, but his chances of a success were ended by radio interference which led to him pitting at the wrong time.

The error dropped him to the rear of the field but Fauzy battled back to steal a point from Team Italy on the final lap of the race.

However, it was a case of what might have been in terms of the result.

"Throughout the race my car was very strong, but I just suffered a few handling problems, nothing major though," he said. "The team called me in for the first pit stop, it was fine, and we went out in the same position again, with the same gap to second placed Portugal.

"After ten laps I was struggling with over steer on the car, I'm not sure why - maybe the rear tyres pressures were too high, or the rears had just gone. I tried to radio the team, got nothing, and then box this lap, box this lap, and then copy that, then I boxed. When I came in I saw the team was not ready so I knew something was not right. I just had to carry on, but obviously I was very disappointed.

"Considering we had the extra pit stop it was a really good recovery, the car was very strong. I think if we hadn't had the pit issue, we would have had a podium. After the last pit stop, I was running about a second quicker, it's tough for us all."



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