The A1 Grand Prix race series completed one of its most significant steps to date in the run up to the first Championship in autumn 2005, when it activated a contract with Lola Cars International for the production and purchase of 50 A1 Grand Prix cars.

This agreement, added to the order already signed between A1 Grand Prix and Zytek Engineering for 58 A1 Grand Prix engines, makes this the largest single racing car order in the history of motorsport.

The original agreement with Lola for 30 cars was increased to 50 due to the demand by countries wishing to acquire national seats in the Championship.

Founder and president of A1 Grand Prix, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum Hasher Maktoum Al Maktoum, is thrilled to have attained this milestone.

"We created a concept a sound business model and a dream. This has today turned into a reality and has surpassed all of my expectations," he said. "The business model is proving itself as we already have 13 countries signed up to participate in the first World Cup of Motorsport and are negotiating with a further 19."

Lola's managing director, Rupert Mainwaring added: "This is certainly one of the most significant contracts that Lola has ever been involved with and we are ready to deliver the usual excellent standards to which Lola has become synonymous with over the years.

"We have been involved from the very concept stage of A1 Grand Prix and feel confident that the close relationship that we have with Sheikh Maktoum and his organisation will prosper for many years to come."

The contract has been agreed following a successful testing and development programme, which has seen the car and engine arrive at their final production configuration barely a year since the project's inception.

John Manchester, operations director at Zytek commented on the impact the order will make to their operation: "It is the largest single order for racing engines that Zytek has ever received and will generate additional business benefits in terms of manufacturing, assembly and support service as well as offering further employment opportunities."

John Wickham, A1 Grand Prix's technical and operations manager, has overseen the testing and development of the car and will work closely with both Lola and Zytek.

"We have complete confidence that Lola and Zytek will prove to be ideal partners to A1 Grand Prix," he concluded. "They are both vastly experienced in high level motorsport programmes and have proven their design and production capabilities many times over.

"We have worked closely with them throughout our exhaustive test programme this year and have an excellent relationship with their engineers'".



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