A1 Grand Prix competitor Team Malaysia has revealed that it will support national government efforts in developing motorsports by turning out at a presentation function in Kuala Lumpur.

The Malaysian franchise is only one of 23 initially available from A1 Grand Prix organisers, and boosts the country's already active motorsport development programmes run by corporations including Petronas and Proton and the Sepang International Circuit. The government's Ministry of Youth and Sport is adding to this with the scheduled launch of the Malaysian Motorsport Commission, and A1 Team Malaysia has confirmed that it intends to play a supporting and interactive role in realising the vision of excellence in an area which it is hoped will spur the growth of the motorsport industry in Malaysia.

"A1 Team Malaysia will play a significant role in support of the government's plans for race driver development, as well as offering a proving ground for motorsport engineering academic projects through the hiring of Malaysian race engineers and mechanics," said franchise holder, and ex-F1 pilot, Alex Yoong.

A1 Grand Prix rules allow for any number of driver changes within a championship year, as long as the drivers are the citizens of the respective countries holding the national franchise.

"We will groom all Malaysian drivers currently competing internationally to get up to speed to jump into the cockpit of the Malaysian car as quickly as possible," Yoong continued, "If it is possible, we would like to see at least half a dozen Malaysians competing for the team seat or the reserve driver seat at any one time each year, and have a stream of capable Malaysians continuously available to help bring glory to our country."

A1 Team Malaysia has already started assisting the development of academic co-operation with schools and colleges with the view of bringing engineering talent through into the operation. Yoong has said that, when the time is right, the team will formally approach the government, together with organisations that are specialists in this area, to further the programme.



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