Following on the footsteps of Narain Karthikeyan's graduation to Formula 1, the India's next big racing hope Karun Chandhok has praised Sheikh Maktoum and the A1 Grand Prix team's efforts in securing a sponsor for an Indian team, and also lays his claim for the race seat.

"I think the whole concept of a 'World Cup of Motorsport' is fantastic and will undoubtedly attract fantastic interest," said the driver who contested the British F3 championship last season. "At the end of the day, nothing creates interest like patriotism and to have an inter-country championship is a great way to pull the crowds in. With Narain's move to F1, the sport has started generating huge coverage in the country and a strong Indian team would make a huge difference."

When asked about his chances of driving for the team, Karun said "It would be a privilidge to be part of an Indian team. At the end of the day, there are only a handful of Indian drivers and at the moment apart from Narain, I am the only one with a credible European racing record so
I do hope that the sponsors and promoters recognise that."

There will undoubtedly be a huge focus on the battle between India and Pakistan in the series, as there is in any competition involving the neighbours. "For sure that will be one that's keenly watched. I don't honestly know too much about the Pakistani team's driver, because he was
racing across in the states, but I think that after being competitive in the 'Nissan World Series' and in Formula 3, I can do a good job. I have some very good friends at Lola and they say that the car is very good so it'll be a good opportunity for me if it happens."



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