Zytek Engineering has signed an agreement to supply its advanced Electric Gearshift System [EGS] to all the cars in the new A1 Grand Prix series, which starts at Brands Hatch later this year.

The agreement, which will see Zytek manufacture 54 EGS units over the next twelve months, comes after the announcement last year that the UK company will be the sole supplier of engines to the ambitious new series.

Debuted on the 04S sports prototype last season, the EGS is lighter and simpler than alternative hydraulic or pneumatic systems, with its all-electric operation offering high reliability, straightforward integration and improved gearbox life. The system weighs approximately 6kg and can produce individual gearshifts in less than 40ms, and up to four downshifts in less than one second.

The precise movement of the electric actuators also means that there is very little wear on the gear selector mechanism and dog rings, extending gearbox life and improving reliability and shifting accuracy. The fully electric approach removes the need for a separate hydraulic or pneumatic system, reducing vehicle mass and complexity. Once fitted, the system is essentially maintenance-free and there is no potential for leakage of air or hydraulic fluid.

"We are delighted that we have been selected to supply our EGS system as well as A1 Grand Prix's racing engine," Zytek operations director John Manchester commented, "This is a perfect application for the technology - the system's unique combination of high performance and reliability will help to make the A1 Grand Prix Series one of the most exciting spectacles in the world of motor sport."



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