A1 Team Great Britain chairman, John Surtees, has announced details of the team that will run for Great Britain in the inaugural A1 Grand Prix Championship, and the drivers who will take part in a shoot out for the prestigious drive in the first World Cup of Motorsport.

The Arden International Motorsport team, owned by Christian Horner, and based in Banbury, will run the Lola chassis car in the A1 Grand Prix championship.

They will also carry out driver evaluation, in conjunction with John Surtees, at Brands Hatch on May 23-24 when four of Great Britain's top international drivers, Adam Carroll, Ralph Firman, Robbie Kerr and Alex Lloyd, will compete for the chance to represent their country against nations from the four corners of the world.

Explaining the importance of A1 Grand Prix, Surtees said: "The British motorsport industry is worth over ?4 billion to this country. It largely sprung from that first success inspired by Tony Vandervell. A1 is an example of British engineering and technology being at the forefront, with Sheikh Maktoum having placed his faith in the purchase of 50 Lola A1 cars and an equivalent number of engines plus spares from Zytek.

"Apart from the championship promoting British products, the important message is that there are opportunities for British business to get behind the British team in what will become the World Cup of Motorsport. One only has to see the political involvement and the business persons who have backed the teams that have been launched in South Africa, Mexico, Australia, China, Pakistan and Lebanon, to realise that this championship revolves around big business and big opportunities.

"To those that have talked about it being a rival or replacement to Formula One I say, no. Formula One has its own special part to play in the world of motorsport. A1 is different and if anything complements Formula One and of course happens at a different time of year."

"I"m happy and delighted that the British team is gearing up to take on the challenge of A1 Grand Prix," added A1 GP founder, president and chairman, Sheikh Maktoum. "Both John Surtees and Christian Horner have a history of successes in motorsport and I wish them both the best of luck in the championship."



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