Drivers aspiring to the higher echelons have been presented with an alternative route to the top following the announcement that the A1 Grand Prix Series has expanded to encompass its own feeder series - to be known as the A3 Racing Series.

A1 GP founder Sheikh Maktoum announced the introduction of the A3 series - which will kick-off in South Africa this July - while attending South African president Thabo Mbeki's annual Friends of the President's Golf Day.

"I'm delighted to announce the A3 Racing Series, a new feeder formula which will develop future A1 GP drivers from developing nations in preparation for the inaugural season of the first World Cup of Motorsport this September," the Sheikh said, "A3 will provide a platform where drivers can develop their physical and mental skills, learning to race against each other on a global level.

"Moreover, the A3 Racing Series shows A1 Grand Prix's commitment to developing drivers from all nations, and I hope to see A3 established in all nations competing in the World Cup of Motorsport."

The A3 Racing Series will officially launch on Tuesday 24 May.



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