In its first racing season A1 Grand Prix, the World Cup of Motorsport, will visit some of the world's most glamorous locations hosting 24 adrenaline-fuelled races over 12 weekends.

Subject to formal approval by the FIA's World Council, the provisional race calendar for the inaugural season of the World Cup of Motorsport can now be revealed.

Taking in a mix of established world-famous venues, exciting new state- of-the-art facilities and tight twisty street circuits, A1 Grand Prix hopes to deliver high-speed action at every turn.

Pitting driver against driver and country against country for the first time in motorsport history, A1 Grand Prix will bring together 25 national teams, representing 80 per cent of the world's population to actively compete on a level playing field.

"With the formal submission of the A1 Grand Prix provisional race calendar to the FIA World Council, my vision of an exciting worldwide racing series is moving closer to fruition," said A1 Grand Prix founder, president and chairman Sheikh Maktoum.

"A1 Grand Prix will see 25 nations vying for the prestigious World Cup of Motorsport, taking high-profile international racing to new territories. To have 25 cars, each proudly presenting their national sponsors, competing at circuits in both developed and developing markets, will be a remarkable spectacle.

"It's now only a few short months before millions of viewers world-wide will hear the roar of 25 A1 Grand Prix race cars rev up for the first time," he concluded.

With every team racing for the pride of their nation, A1 Grand Prix aims to ignite the patriotism instilled in every person on the planet attracting support beyond racing's traditional audience.

Following the summer sun around the globe, A1 Grand Prix will deliver 12 weekends of exciting racing action outside of the traditional motorsport season, kicking-off at Brands Hatch in the UK on 25 September 2005.

The following calendar has been submitted to the FIA for World Council approval. Confirmation of the final A1GP race calendar will be published by 31 July 2005.

2005 A1 GP calendar:

25 September 2005 Brands Hatch UK
9 October 2005 Eurospeedway GP Germany
23 October 2005 Estoril Portugal
6 November 2005 Eastern Creek Australia
20 November 2005 Sepang Malaysia
11 December 2005 Dubai Autodrome United Arab Emirates
15 January 2005 Indonesia or Singapore - TBC*
29 January 2005 Durban or Cape Town (street race)- TBC South Africa**
12 February 2006 Parque Fundidora Monterrey Mexico 26 February 2006San Antonio (street race) USA
12 March 2006Laguna Seca USA
26 March 2006Beijing Goldenport - TBC China***

* Both are currently competing to hold the seventh race of the championship

** A Durban street race is preferred, but, if not possible, the race will be held at the Killarney circuit near Cape Town

*** Subject to FIA Grade 2 approval or alternative circuit as directed by the Chinese government.



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