Three-time FIFA World Player of the Year Ronaldo and two-time F1 World Champion Emerson Fittipaldi have unveiled the Team Brazil entry into the A1GP series at a lavish ceremony in Sao Paulo.

The entry of the Brazilian team brings in a potential fan base of up to 182 million fans from the sixth largest country in the world, something founder Sheikh Maktoum was delighted with.

"Brazil has produced some of the greatest legends that both football and motorsport have ever seen and I am delighted to have the opportunity to unite these sports through A1," he said. "The Brazilian people are known world-wide for their passion in both arenas and I am sure they will support their national A1 team with the same enthusiasm.

"Through A1 Grand Prix, the 182 million strong population of Brazil will have the same level of access to motorsport that they currently enjoy with football. The format of A1 Grand Prix, with points going to Nations and not drivers, will allow a multitude of young people to shine on the international stage. If you have the passion and the talent to compete, A1 Grand Prix will make it happen."

Real Madrid ace Ronaldo added that he hoped the A1GP team would be as successful in the 'World Cup of motorsport' as the famous Brazilian football teams have been.

"Like soccer, A1GP is a team sport," he said. "In soccer, we have already won the World Cup five times and it would be wonderful to win the first motor racing world cup as well.

"The participation of Emerson who has two F1 world titles and two Indy 500 victories to his name as well as an unquestionable level of technical knowledge, is justified by our common goal to put Brazil in an atmosphere of technological innovation and high dose adrenaline."

Fittipaldi also spoke of his excitement at being involved in the series.

"The concept of A1 Grand Prix is fantastic," he said. "This category gives the edge to the driver as all the cars are identical. Brazilian fans will be able to support our Team in the same way they support the national soccer team. Our project will create the conditions for young drivers to stand out in world motorsport."



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