Silverstone reverberated to the sound of V8 power on Wednesday as fifteen A1GP cars took to the track for the first major head-to-head test for the 'World Cup of Motorsport' which gets underway next month at Brands Hatch. Appropriately enough given the location, the British entry, driven by Robbie Kerr, went fastest.

Kerr set his quick time late in the day to beat the time set by Brazilian driver Nelson Piquet Jr as the first fifteen cars in varying degrees of livery were put through their paces without any major reliability difficulties.

"There's still improvements to be made in both me and the car, but it was pretty good," Kerr told Radio at the track.

Just behind the British entry on the timing monitors was the Brazilian entry with Piquet Jr setting the fastest time whilst Danilo Dirani also spent time out on track. A seasoned observer for the South American team reckoned there was more to come.

"Today we were behind Great Britain, but tomorrow we're going to beat Great Britain," the Brazilian team principle, Emerson Fittipaldi told

Top times
1. Great Britain 48.888secs
2. Brazil 49.069secs
3. Switzerland 49.095secs
4. France 49.271secs
5. Portugal 49.393secs
6. Pakistan 49.506secs
7. Malaysia 49.634secs
8. USA 49.740secs
9. South Africa 49.864secs
10. Lebanon 49.976secs
11. Australia 50.066secs
12. Mexico 50.265secs
13. Netherlands 50.377secs
14. New Zealand 50.610secs
15. China 55.783secs



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